Alomkep has developed a high-precision amplifier with an active filter and prescaler designed to read the extremely small electromagnetic signals of biological sensors, providing solutions for most situations in chemistry, biology and human health. creams or calvin cycles to study the energy entering the cells. The signals are published by artificial intelligence, thereby triggering other tools and software in the process.

Sensor types:

Nanospectrum signal capture sensors in the order of 10-9 T/m

Otto Spectro signal capture sensors in the order of 10-18 T/m

Micro spectrum signal capture sensors on the order of 10-6 T/m

Sinusoidal and square inductor for class II vegetable growing up to 30 v/m2

Graphene biological sensors

Electromagnetic induction sensor

OTTO capture sensor biomolecule conjugation electromagnetic signals

Capture sensor and induction of molecular nano signals

Non-organic mineral molecule micro-signal sensor

Capacitive industrial sensors for automation